DAAP Build Lab

    At the DAAP Build Lab (DBL) we are committed to guiding students in completing their projects and giving them the appropriate knowledge and skill sets to do so. Learning basic wood-working and metal-working are skills will stick with you and allow you to produce your own designs long into the future. It is important that students become familiar with working in the shop and hand fabrication, as this is a part of the design process that cannot be ignored and produces a valuable learning experience.

    While it is important that every student finish their project, our main concern is shop safety. We aim to reduce and hopefully stop any and all injuries that may occur; and while we do our part we also rely on the cooperation and knowledge of the students working as well. If you are new to the shop, or a returning user needing a refresher, please review our dress code and safety policies. All students should also become familiar with our Emergency Response Procedures, so that you will be prepared to assist or follow directions in the event of an emergency or safety issue.

    Workshop Hours: Hours have been posted for the 2013 Summer Semester.


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