Where to Get Materials

    • CNC milling machines (Bridgeport, Taurus, and the KOMO) - The Bridgeport and the Taurus typically handle different types of foams (Blue and Pink foam, and High Density Urethane foams (12lb, 20lb, 40lb.) BUYING REN COST DIAGRAM The KOMO can cut most flat stock materials (plywoods, MDF, particle board, masonite, polycarbonate, acrylic...), hardwoods, foams (same as the Bridgeprot, and Taurus), and aluminum.
    • Laser cutter - The laser cutters can cut acrylic, wood products (hardwoods, MDF, bass wood, balsa wood, higher grade/quality plywoods), paper products (chipboard, cardboard, bristol paper...), and different types of fabrics.
    • The RPC does not cut used material except under special circumstances.

    Materials for the Shop

    The range of materials that can be used in the shop is even greater than in the RPC, especially with metal. There are certain types of materials you want to avoid using or take precautions when using. One material that you CAN NOT use is pressure treated wood. The chemicals used in the preservation process become airborne through the sawdust created when cutting and is known to cause irritation to the skin and lungs if inhaled. Also, using galvinized steel for "Heat" operations (welding, plasma cutting, oxy-acetalyn cutting, abrasive cutting...) can be dangerous. The steel is coated in zinc which serves as a protective layer to prevent rusting. But during "heat" operations the zinc will let off a toxic gas which is very harmful to the human body. To prevent this from happening simply remove the coating via wire wheel on a bench grinder or angle grinder. Another material to use caution with is "used" wood. This is wood that has nails and/or screws in them. Cutting this material and hitting a nail/screw will cause the blade to chip and could cause bodily harm due to flying debris.


    So, where do you go in the Cincinnati area to buy your raw materials to use in the RPC/Shop?

    Woods (hardwood, plywood, basswood...)

    Plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, rowmark...)

    Metals (steel, aluminum...)

    Hardware (nuts, bolts...)

    Helpful fastener information
    • McMaster-Carr
    • Fastenall: (multiple locations)
    • Grainger: Address: 939 W 8th St, Cincinnati, OH 45203. Phone: (513) 621-3900. map
    • Becks:Hardware and Paint: Note: Bring your shop ID and receive 10% off purchase. Address: 718 E McMillan Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206. Phone: (513) 961-5773. map
    • Doppes Building Materials: Address: 1001 Dalton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45203. Phone: (513) 421-4850. map
    • Camp Washington Hardware: Address: 2915 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225. Phone: (513) 541-4406. map
    • Lowes: (multiple locations)
    • Home Depot: (multiple locations)
    • Ace Hardware: Address: 344 Ludlow Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45220-2019 Phone: (513) 281-9600.

    Cardboard (various thicknesses)

    • Combined Container Board Inc. Note: Contact to arrange pick up of large quantities for FREE. Address: 7741 School Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249. Phone: (513) 530-5700. map

    Chipboard (various thicknesses)

    • Cincinnati Paperboard. Note: Contact to arrange pick up of large roll(s) of chipboard. Address: 5500 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH‎ 45226 (near Lunken Airport). Phone: (513) 871-7112. map

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